The concept for Life Athletics came to me one day when I was working as a trainer at a gym and a man I'd never met before and have never seen since walked in and changed my life.

He was extremely out of shape and walked over to me at and asked about getting in shape and about training one his biceps while pointing at his shoulder.

He was using a number or terms which seemed to me he didn't really understand. He also seemed more concerned about impressing me than learning anything so after a minute of talking at me without pause, he turned, and with a smile on his face, he walked away.  

I was speechless. He hadn't actually taken any value, that I could see, from our interaction. That was a shame as I could have helped him get into shape and that's what he said he wanted.

He hadn't even given me a chance. It was like he wanted to be able to say to someone that he'd spoken to a trainer, while also still being able to say that it hadn't made a difference. He certainly wasn't playing the game of fitness and vitality that day. 

I judged him for a moment, judged his strategy, and then I did something powerful.

I asked where in my life was I that out of shape and that closed to contribution.

Be careful what questions you ask yourself as you'll get the answers. 

A laundry list of responses flooded into my mind and then, possibly because of the context of being on the gym floor, I started thinking about how to train these areas... my finances, my relationships, my mind... all of them were landing in my consciousness as muscles in the body did. These were areas to train, just like my legs, back, and arms. 

From there, Life Athletics was born. It took me a long time to feel worthy of my own idea, to be honest. For a long time I wanted someone else to run with it but I applied the concepts to myself and grew into the man I wanted to be... the man I am. 

What I see myself as is a "Champion of Greatness".

I see the greatness in others and I stand for them being that daily. It typically doesn't take long for these Life Athletes to start living into that space and being able to champion themselves. 

My dream is a world where everyone is training themselves up to be awesome human beings. This can mean different things to different people. It can be levelling up your chill quotient as much as it can be levelling up your six-pack or your bank account. 

Life Athletics is for you, your life, your game, your planet.

As a team, we can all win. 


Nik Wood.