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Are you winning your game?  

It's a simple concept... are you winning your game... your life...?

I once took my little sister to a basketball clinic and the coach had all of the participants shoot for a few minutes before rounding them all up again and asking them how they did. 

Most of the young athletes said that they did pretty well and the coach asked them how many shots they had attempted... none knew. He then asked them how many shots they'd made... none of them knew. 

"How" he asked, "can you say that you did well if you don't know how many shots you attempted or how many you made." 

Life is much more complex than basketball and there are so many ways to "win" ... it's really up to you.

Do you know what game you're playing?

Too many people go through life not knowing what they're aiming themselves at. Either they've never known, or they have hit their goals but don't know what's next. There's another group whose goals are ones that they've acquired from friends, family, or some other external force... these goals are usually "good ideas" but not an actual reflection of that person's aspirations.  It's impossible to win YOUR game if you're playing someone else's. 

What is the Life Athletics Level up Program? 

The Life Athletics Level up program is a proven system, developed over years by Nik Wood, that takes you from where you currently are, up a significant level in your life, in 6 weeks.

8 areas of life are looked at and explored. 

Mind, Body, Work, Play, Relationships, Finances, Inner game, and Outer game are all training areas and clarity is brought to what your aspirations are in each. 

Over 6 weeks (7sessions including the closing session) you'll work with Life Athletics founder and creator, Nik Wood to identify where you are and where you want to be in these 8 training areas. Once you get clear on the what, you'll work on clarifying the "who".

Who do you have to be to get to where you want to be? 

Once you have a clear vision of that person, and you allow yourself to embody that now, you'll focus on the how.

It's a powerful system that has taken people from struggling financially to having million dollar businesses. From feeling stuck to taking action. From being frustrated with themselves to experiencing self ... some for the first time ever.  

The results vary as the aims vary from person to person. A win for one person is not a win for someone else and so... what's a win for you? What would you look like levelled up? Do you want to find out? Are you ready? 

This program is for people who are ready to Level up. It's not therapy, it's not coaching, it's something else, it's the Life Athletics Level up Program.