From the ashes...


Life can be a struggle, a fight, a war, a living hell. Sometimes long after the events that haunt us have past, they linger in our minds. Sometimes we don't even know what's in the way but we know that we're ready to leave it behind and soar. If you're there, if you're ready to put your past behind you and finally let go so that you can fly, the Phoenix Path is for you. 

Using a combination of tools including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, Huna, and Intuitive Healing, we will work with you to release the real you from the embers of the past. 


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This is a one on one process done in person or remotely. If you feel like you've been carrying around old patterns, beliefs, decisions, or anything else that you're ready to release than this might be for you and we can consult to see if there's a fit. Results can be profound and so be ready for a big shift, should you choose to walk this path. 

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