Are you allowed to live the life you say you want to live?

Many people skip over this truly foundational question but unless you're ready to let go of the familiar, you're not able to step into the possible.

Before you look at anything else in your life, ask yourself if you have permission to be healthy, wealthy, joyful, and free.

If the answer is a "no" then ask yourself "when would now be a good time to give myself permission?".

The answer to that VERY leading question is... 

Now that you have permission to shift and you're willing to empower the process to make a difference for you, transformation is possible.

Step 2

Once you're allowed to grow and shift, you can move quickly. People often try to take action on top of a subconscious framework of resistance and no amount of good programming can counteract our deeper beliefs. 

After you have allowed yourself to move forward though the pathways is yours to choose. 

In the Life Athletics Champion Path we get clear on where you are, where you want to be and who you would be if you were living the life of your dreams.

Participants often surprise themselves with what their dreams truly are where they are in relation to them. Below is part of the exercise we do in session 1 and you can use it to find clarity that can move you forward on your path.

Session 1 sneak peek: 

Life Athletics is built around a central premise: If you know where you are and where you want to be you can navigate the space between. From there your habits of thought and habits of action must align with where you want to be in your life for you to achieve your goals. For each of the training areas (Work, Play, Relationships, Mind, Body, Finances, Inner game, and Outer game) do the following:

1. Best in the world: Determine what your ideal is in that area. This could be a living person, a dead person, a combination of people or just a list of ideals. This calibrates the 1 - 10 scale (on the right) to you specifically.

2. Where you are now: Using the 1 - 10 scale to the right establish where you currently are in each area.

3. Horizon Goals: As far as you can see now from where you're standing what do you want in each area of life? If everything you wanted to fix, change, alter, grow, tweak, was fixed, changed, altered, grown, or tweaked... who would you be and what would be available to you? That's your Horizon Goal and a glimpse of your Horizon self.

4. Target Goal: The Horizon Path is a 6 week program and the point is to move powerfully forward in the direction of your Horizon Goals. Where could you be in 6 weeks of effort and intent? That's your Target Goal. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 2.21.49 PM.png




The full program goes into more detail and you can find our more by clicking on the link below or contacting us but you can also move yourself forward by taking the steps above and to keep aiming yourself at that Horizon. It will shift as you get closer to it and so reevaluating your vision will be important. Have fun on your journey! 



The Horizon Path levels you up in 6 weeks. You get to experience being the version of you who naturally lives the life of your dreams.