Life Athletics is a training methodology for life. By getting clear on where you are, and where you want to be in 8 areas of life, you’re able to take massive action and win your game. 

Mind, body, work, play, finances, relationships, your inner, and outer game in your life are all training areas to look at and challenge. 

Welcome to Life Athletics!


If you're ready to up your game in life, we'd love to hear from you!



On the show we have conversations with Life Athletes to learn about how they "play" at life.

We're looking for mindsets and actions that allow them to be successful in their fields as we believe those things are transferrable. You can often take a success habit of thought or action from one area and apply it to another.

Training your jump shot, your backswing, your emotions, your mind set, your relationships, your financial fitness... they're all the same.

If you want to get better at something, think and act like a champion.

he Life Athletics podcast can help you get there. 



Life Athletics has mainly focussed on the individual up until now. While there's been a general focus on relationships and how the individual interacts with the world immediately around them, it's time to level up the conversation. 

As a species we can do better. What we seem to be missing are goals that are common to us all. In the same way that a person without a goal is rudderless, so are a people. 

We are better than we've been and it's time for us all to step up a level.