2014 Phase 1 Day 1


As you may have noticed, the calendar year has clicked forward yet again. We’re starting a new year and for many people this time also includes attempting to start a new life. Reinvention of self, personal challenges, and resolutions are just as common at the beginning of January as failure to follow through with any of those good intentions is by the end of January.

What I’ve put together is one month of exercises designed to make me very aware of where I am and where I want to be next. I’ve built this for me and I’ve built this for you.

It’s broken up into three parts. 

In Phase 1 we will be looking at where we are in every are of our lives. Taking stock of what is and becoming very present to the reality of our present is key when looking at building towards some dream or goal. 

In Phase 2 we will be looking at where you want to go. I have been surprised at how often I’ll be talking to people who are dissatisfied with some aspect of their lives but have no idea what they’d like instead. Whether you do or not, Phase 2 will be an opportunity to make those visions crystal clear and to make sure that they’re harmonious with the kind of life we want as a whole and compelling enough to spur us to action. I like to picture this kind of work like I would a physical journey. If you know your starting point and your destination, all that’s left is planning the route. 

In Phase 3 we’ll be planning the route. How do you get to where you want to go? How to you integrate the things you want to do in your life in a way that they’re doable? 

We’re not looking just for momentary inspiration or a few good ideas, we’re looking to create lives we love and to be Life Athletes. This will require some work to do but I’ll break it down so that the most time you’ll have to spend on any given day will be about 20-30 minutes.   At the end of the thirty days we should have a clear idea of how to get from where we are to where we want to be in every area of our lives, and the strong desire to get started. So... let’s get started. 

Daily challenge: 

Commit to following through with this program for 30 days.  Post and make public your commitment to be a Life Athlete in  2014.