A call to action!


LIGHTS! CAMERA! ... um...

Action. It’s a sexy word, dynamic and brash. It’s also a word that I’ve added to today’s post in the blog challenge. It’s not there, but when I read it “action” is all I saw. 
Perhaps this quotation was playing in my head:

“Action expresses priorities.” 


To bring everyone up to speed, the question of the day from the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s blog challenge was this: “What are my three priorities for the next 30 days that will move me closer towards living life on my own terms?” 

This was the first of the questions for which I sought outside assistance. After skyping two dear friends in different parts of the world It became clear that I was scared. 

I was scared to commit to action and even though my friends showed me easy outs I had to face the fear and act. 

The question is ambiguous enough to be interpreted in many ways. One of my friends talked about what “living on your own terms” really meant. Shifting your perception, you could conceivably talk yourself into believing that whatever is happening at this very moment is on your terms. We create our own realities after all, right? 

Buddhist monks are said to find happiness through being desireless. 

The mirror in the first Harry Potter book (yes, I read them all...) showed people their greatest desires and it was said that the happiest person was the one who could look and just see themselves, just as they were already. 

I agree with that and yet, there are things I want in my life that I don’t currently have and I enjoy the pursuit of growth. Living life on my terms would mean transforming a few areas and taking new actions. 

‎"Without action, without decision, you remain in possibility, which is safe and beautiful but eventually enervating and boring." -- Jennifer Louden

I have lived in possibility for long enough. Now’s the time for action. 

My philosophy through Life Athletics is that the greatest possibilities for growth are found in the areas where we’re the weakest. This is all relative and open for interpretation so, if you’re playing along in your own life, please look through whatever lens you wish and find where the biggest bang for your transformational buck will come from. 

For me it’s in business. I’ve been making strides creatively, and physically. My emotions are getting stronger after a few recent tough life events and all in all I’m feeling good. 

The most important thing about the last while is I’ve given up my resistance and have just accepted and celebrated that I‘m enough. 

From that place, the thing that would make the biggest difference is to develop an income source that replaced my day job and allowed me the freedom to pursue my vision of life fully. 

I have a number of projects in mind that could be turned into businesses but currently my heart and mind are focused on building Life Athletics into the life changing resource I know it can be by building the tool I have in my head. 

This is where that fear I talked about from earlier comes up. My favourite limiting subconscious phrase is “I don’t know”. People have teased me for years that if you ask me a question, I’ll say “I don’t know” before thinking for a moment and then laying out a detailed and thorough answer. 

It is then no surprise that my initial reaction to this project is “I don’t know how to do this”. 

It’s something I’ve been embarrassed to admit in the past. Now, I don’t care that I don’t know. I’m clever, I’ll figure it out. 

My target goals for the next 30 days are:

  • Wire frame the new Life Athletics tool so that it can be shown to designers and developers.

  • Talk to developers to determine what’s involved in the build and developing a plan to see it come to life as easily and quickly as possible. 

  • Reach out to people who I want to be part of this project from the start. The measurable part of this goal is that I want to have at least 5 people committed to building modules for use in the Life Athletics. 

This will of course be done while respecting the Life Athlete’s way of making sure that the other areas of my life are also being looked after. 

What are your target goals for the next 30 days?