Episode 102: Guy Vincent | Helping the Authors of the World Share Their Work through Publishizer

Life Athletes, hello and welcome back to season 2 of the Life Athletics podcast! It’s been an amazing ride with a hundred episodes, and so many inspiring guests that have been providing us with so much value and wisdom!

Today’s guest is Guy Vincent. He is the founder of Publishizer, a crowdfunding platform for authors and publishers. Guy used to work in the publishing industry and felt like he wanted to live his life to the fullest. He quit his job, moved to India, and started to bootstrap the idea of Publishizer.

On this episode, we talk about the humble beginnings of Publishizer and what made him push for this concept to come to life. Guy and I discuss relationships - be it emotional, romantic, friendships, or business - and how they are vital to our lives. Also, he gives us insight of what’s it’s like to be a guy like Guy.

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It has been 2 years since the birth of Publishizer, and over 180 books have been published. They are being funded by so many startups who believe in the power of creativity and ambition. As of this interview, Publishizer is on its way to raising $500,000! Hard work and determination does pay off!

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Habit of action:

“I have a rigid routine that I follow in the morning.”

Guy gives us an overview of how his mornings are like on this interview. Listen in!


Habit of thought:

“I put focus on other people within my personal circle.”


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Greatest area of strength:

“Getting people excited to do thing is something I’m good at.”

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What does success mean to you?
“Success means not giving up.”

What does balance mean to you?

“Balance means happiness and loved ones.”

What do you do to get in the zone?
“Fresh roasted coffee.”

What do you do to recharge your batteries or keep them charged?

“Dance like an idiot in the privacy of my own home!”

What is something people should stop telling themselves if they want to have success in their lives?

“Telling yourself no.”

When you feel like you’re off your game, what do you do to get yourself back up?
“Remember I’m going to die. It’s my biggest motivator in life.”

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