Episode 104: Daniel Mollner | Contact Improv and Flow of Consciousness

Life Athletes, hello and to season 2 of the Life Athletics podcast! I appreciate all the support you’ve shown and given me over the past 100-plus episodes.


On today’s episode, we have such an inspiring individual with so many insights brought about by personal experience. Life Athletes, I have with me today Daniel Mollner. Daniel is a contact improvisation enthusiast.


What if it’s okay to not know what’s going on at a given moment? What if that’s perfectly all right? In fact, what if that could be an advantage - to not have an agenda?


Daniel and I talk about what life experiences brought him to this life, which he considers as the peak in terms of happiness and fulfillment. He begins with a story about his life back home and how her learned from all the struggles he overcame and what made him ultimately realize that needed to nurture his emotional well-being.


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Today, Daniel enjoys the connection he has with his inner self and is fulfilled at knowing that he is able to touch others’ lives through contact improv and ecstatic dance. I’ve personally been very hesitant about contact improv, but doing it now, it has certainly changed my life. In fact, it’s one of my favorite activities to do!


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Twitter: @ecstaticdancesf

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