Episode 107: Danny Flood | Exploring Life Hacks for Sleep, Work, and Success

Life Athletes, hello and to season 2 of the Life Athletics podcast! As always, I am more grateful to have you on this journey! Thank you so much!


I had the pleasure of interviewing such an inspiring man. On this episode, I speak with Danny Flood. Danny is a co-founder at OpenWorld,the world's #1 resource for active lifestyle creators. He has been a digital nomad and has been building his business from different parts of the world.


Danny is an accomplished author who has self-published several books that teach individuals work, sleep, and productivity hacks.


“Once you learn how the brain works, you can set your own directions.” Tweet this!


Willpower and discipline are two main topics that Danny talked about on this episode. He begins by telling us how important it is to work in batches and setting goals for the day in advance- this lessens the burden of decision-making, which he believes is a waste of time.


“If you can structure your decision making so that you have to make a fewer decisions, you can become more capable.” Tweet this!



Habit of thought and action:

The concept of replacing a problem with a true reward. In his case, when he feels the need or craving to drink Thai tea, he opts for coconut water instead. It’s a healthier choice, and a true win - not just satisfying a temporary urge.


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What does success mean to you?

“Being able to live life on your own terms.”


What does balance mean to you?

Danny doesn’t believe in work-life balance. What he wants us to know is that when you’re working, you should focus 100% on getting the job done. Once you’ve completed what you need to complete, then take a break.

This, for him, is what balance is: putting in the work and effort, and then claiming your reward.


What do you do to get in the zone?

Identifying my circadian rhythm.”


What do you want to tell people to stop doing if they want to have success in their lives?

“Do not take failure personally.”


Stay humble, stay hungry. Know your way forward.” Tweet this!




Twitter: @dandanflood

Facebook: Open World Magazine

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