Episode 111: Meryl Johnston | On Freedom of Time and Location


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 111 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Meryl Johnston.

Meryl is the co-founder of Bean Ninjas, an online Xero bookkeeping service. Along with her business partner, she's created a business that helps ecommerce stores and product-type businesses keep track of their finances.

Meryl loves to surf, which is why she moved to the Gold Coast in Australia. She found herself in paradise, surrounded by the beach and perfect waves BUT had no time to go and actually live the lifestyle she worked on getting. She realized she was always deep into her work with long hours and clients calls during the weekends. She didn't get to enjoy family and friends.


"It was easy to get caught up in other people's goals."


So she decided to take a shift - and that’s when Bean Ninjas was born.


"Say no to everything else that doesn't align with your goals."


I had a great time chatting with Meryl, as we have very similar visions and use sports metaphors - which I totally enjoy! Listen in to learn more about how Meryl finally achieved time, location, and financial freedom.


"The wrong action comes about from not truly understanding the problem."



What does success mean to you?

“Freedom of time, location, financially free


What does balance mean to you?

“Having time to do things I love.”


What do you do to get in the zone?

“I usually exercise to clear my head.”


What do you do to recharge your batteries?

“Go on camping trips.”


What do you want to tell people to stop doing if they want to have success in their lives?

“Stop saying yes to everything and pleasing everyone.”


"Do it, learn from your experience, adapt, and carry on."



Bean Ninjas website

LinkedIn profile

Bean Ninjas Facebook

Twitter: @Johnston_Meryl