Episode 113: Oliver William Huntley | Exploring Conscious Relationships

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 113 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Oliver William Huntley.

Oliver is a spiritual teacher and the founder of Awakening Masculine, a community that believes in creating the most powerful relationships imaginable. He is on a quest to be the best version of himself - and he inspires other to do the same and leads by example.

On this episode, he bares all and tells us about how he has mastered the art of exploring conscious relationships. He emphasizes on being intentional in all actions you do: set goals, focus on those goals, and devise ways on how to achieve them.

"How much of my truth can I embody so that I live and act from that truth?"

Oliver makes sure that every step of the way, he is moving toward the best version of himself - and he wants you to do the same.

"My game has always been focused on my relationship with myself."

When you are fully aware of exactly what you want in a relationship, then you know what kind of partner you want to become, Oliver tells us. It makes absolute sense!

"Everything I'm doing now is setting everything in motion."

Listen more for Oliver's insights and inspiring words.


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