Episode 126: Desirae Odjick | A Millennial's Journey to Finding Financial Balance

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 126 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Desirae Odjick.

Desirae runs the blog Half Banked, a blog by "one millennial's half-baked attempt to save HALF her income." On her website, Desirae shares her stories, experiences, and the lessons she learned as she took on this passion project.

"Why do you want to create a budget? What is driving you to do this?"

She started this blog so she would have a more structured way of achieving her goals. It started when Desirae decided that she wanted to buy her own house. In the beginning, she wanted to become one of the more adventurous millennials she has met - those free-spirited individuals who traveled the world and went on one adventure to another. Eventually she realized it wasn't for her.

"It's all about leading with what's most important for you at a certain point."

On this episode, Desirae shares how she's perfectly happy where she is now - and that situations don't always have to be "and/or." You can actually have both. One can achieve financial stability, without giving up the fun and all the good things in life. 

"There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finances."

Stability is something Desirae views as quite valuable in her life, and that's why she takes steps that will help her achieve the kind of stability she wants.

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