Episode 128: John Williams | Break Free and Do What You Love

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 128 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is John Williams.

John Williams is the founder of The Ideas Lab, a site that runs transformational programs, leading people to find good businesses and making ideas happen. John is also the author of the bestselling book Screw Work, Let's Play.

"We don't have to do something we don't enjoy."

On this episode, John talks about how he started out as a software developer and eventually became a chief technology officer at a European startup incubator. He runs the Ideas Lab programs and is keeping himself busy with helping others do what they love.

 "It's not enough to sit around and muse through life."

John is a firm believer in working toward your dreams, even when the situations don't permit it. There will always be roadblocks; but it's supposed to be that way. It's our obsession with happiness that is a problem, John stresses.

"Oftentimes, we forget the narrative of life."

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