Episode 130: David Block | Creating Powerful Music through Human Experience

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 130 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is David Block.

David is the man behind Human Experience Creations – his principal music project. He is a composer, a multi-instrumentalist and a producer who has worked in the business for 10 years and has collaborated with different artists around the world. He believes that creation is what he does best.

"The real art comes through you. It doesn’t belong to you."

David travels around the world and connects with groups everywhere which inspires him in his work. He shows through his music that creativity is our greatest human resource. For him, people should come together as a global community and uplift each other, share new ideas and build something together.

"Just sit down and start working on something."

After being broken about a failed endeavor recently, David learns that sufferings happen and it helps you do better in the future. It’s okay to be bad at first because it is part of the process in succeeding.  

“The three keys to success are patience, passion and persistence.”

David believes that if you wait long enough and you try hard enough, you will become successful.

Get David’s music gift from his website: humanexperiencecreations.com

Also visit: twospiritphotography.com