Episode 136: Dr. Brett Hill | The Key To Health And Wellness

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 136 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Dr. Brett Hill.

Brett is the co-founder of Australia’s leading health podcast, The Wellness Couch. He is a co-host of The Wellness Guys and That Paleo Show, the number one health podcast in Australia. I am truly honored to be able to appear on one of their shows, recently - Episode 303 of The Wellness Guys.  He has authored several books and is on the course of writing a new book called Rock Bottom where he recounts the challenges in his life.

"I’m someone who is really passionate about health and wellness."

On this episode, Brett talks about emotions and how to deal with them. He encourages people to be more empathetic to their selves. As a man, we are often oppressed by the notion that men aren’t supposed to be emotional. But he believes that opening yourself up makes you no less of a man.

"The reality is that when you love yourself, then you have so much more love to give everyone else around you.”

Brett plays three games in life: One, being a full-out dad. Two, having fun as much as he could. And three, creating an impact to society.

“Just be kinder to yourself.”


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