Episode 145: Allie Cameron | Sustainable Fashion With Hara The Label

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Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 145 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Allie Cameron.

Allie is the founder of HARA The Label, a line of intimate apparel made out of bamboo fabric. It is a clothing label designed for the good of the people and for the earth collectively. Its mission is to help the planet and raise awareness about the issues within the fashion industry. She aims to use HARA as a platform for change and educate people how to achieve that change.

"What we wear actually impacts the environment we live in.”

On this episode, Allie reveals the secret behind the use of bamboo fabric in HARA. She shares her challenges, thought pattern and journey in bringing HARA to what it is now. She also shares how she was working with her brother, how she learned the clothing business, and how the process went.

"If I’m doing this for the right reasons and really putting my heart in it, then let’s do it.”

 This is a powerful conversation about sustainable and ethical fashion. Listen in and find out how she was able to succeed in this business for less than a year. Allie encourages life athletes to do what they are passionate about and everything will fall into place.

 “You don’t need to have certain background, you just need passion, motivation, and love; and basically anything is possible.”

Be a part of the change.


Learn more about HARA on:

HARA The Label