Episode 168: Elizabeth Grojean | Building Businesses Outside the Comfort Zone


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 168 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Elizabeth Grojean.

Elizabeth Grojean is the founder of Baloo Living, a product company founded on principals of self-care and holistic wellness. After 15 years in corporate America, she left it behind to ask, who am I I'm not what I do?

"I take time in the morning to be with myself and be quiet."

With only $9,000 in savings, Elizabeth made it a mission to build a sustainable business - and what better way to learn the ropes than by actually meeting and getting tips from people who have actually done and seen success in the Amazon FBA industry.

So she left for Bali.

After a one year sabbatical she emerged from Bali to launch Baloo's first product, a weighted blanket, and is on track to gross 250K in her first six months in business. 

Her journey, though, is not perfect - from delivering disappointing news to former business partners to flying to China (and getting into some immigration hiccup) to fix product inspections. Listen to how she faced all the struggles and challenges and emerged victorious.

Check out Baloo Living here.