Episode 36: Rodolfo Young

Name: Rodolfo Young Today’s guest Life Athlete is Rodolfo Young. Rodolfo is and has done many things. Among them, he spent a year in silence to recover from heart ache. He gives heart talks around the world, wherever he goes. He has given a TEDx talk on holding space and he gives hugs that people go out of their way for.  He also has a lovely speaking voice. Enjoy!

Habit of Thought:

“can I in ever moment, be open to being surprised? it keeps me fluidly experiencing my life”

Habit of Action: “Once I have clarity, I take the action”

Greatest area of strength:

Being present with people.


Training for this area:

Accept what is as what is.

Book: The Power of now.

Chrishna Murti


Who are you? - Rodolfo Young

Web Resource:

Rodolfo Young TEDx


Facebook - Rodolfo Young