Episode 38: Loic Lopez

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Loic Lopez. I heard of Loic before I met him. People were talking about the guy who traveled from the UK to Bali without flying because his son had wanted to spend a year at Green School and neither of them wanted to impact their carbon footprints through air travel. turns out that adventure was just the tip of the iceberg for this story.

Habit of Action:

“I think the body needs regularity. Sleeping, eating, exercising.”

Habit of Thought:

“Thinking we don’t.”

Contentment is not conditional, happiness is.

Greatest area of strength:

I like talking

Training for this area:

You need flow and we can all access this.

Go through small talk but quickly go deep if the other person is open to it.


Zan Habits - Leo Babuta

Mastery - Robert Greene
Web Resource:

Zen Habits





Weaving the Green Dream