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Take a deep breath, take another, now get going. 

Whether you want to kayak, rock climb, dance all night, carry your child in your arms, carry your groceries home from the store or simply go for a walk around the block comfortably, your level of fitness and your general health can help or hinder you. It’s up to you to determine which will be your life’s story. 

Life Athletics is for people who want to live life well.  The state and management of their body is a HUGELY important factor in that pursuit. 

Whether your goals are aesthetic, athletic, health-based or your own crazy blend of motivations, making your body work the best it can pays dividends across the board and I would say that it is the duty of a Life Athlete to take care of their body as best they can. 

This is not simply about getting sweaty and building muscle either... although we’re big fans of that around these parts.  What we’re talking about is treating your body like the finely tuned machine that it is. Your mind, emotions and lifespan depend on it! 

Bestselling author, success coach, “O” network TV personality, and really tall guy, Anthony Robbins says that “the fastest way to change your psychology is to change your physiology.”  He goes on to say that your mood can be determined by your posture. He says that if you sit like you’re depressed you’ll feel depressed and if you stand like you’re strong, powerful and happy, that will soon be how you feel. One of my favourite exercises/ experiments of his is to pretend like you’re wearing a superhero cape while you’re walking down the street. Imagine that it’s whipping behind you in the wind and pulling your shoulders back, forcing you to stand tall... I dare you to do it, everyone I know who’s tried it has loved it.

Studies have shown that smiling, even fake smiling when you’re in a pissy mood, can dramatically improve your emotional state and apparently the bigger your smile the longer you might live. There’s a great TED talk about it called “the hidden power of smiling.” 

Other studies have shown that poor dental care can adversely affect your overall health. 

The point is that the body is connected and it’s up to the Life Athlete to do what they can to ensure that every part is working as well as it can be. 

Sure, looking good is a part of the equation but it is not the only part, and your health and fitness goals should take all of your life into account. A sprinter pays special attention to how they stand on the starting blocks, but if your mood, and therefore your outlook on life, is swayed by your posture and your smile then it is up to you as a Life Athlete to pay attention to how you hold your body and how you use your face all of the time; and for goodness sake floss!  

We’ll also be looking at the more standard issue fitness topics as well but do not forget that every little thing that you do, to and with, your body has an impact on your health and well being. 

Life Athletics is built on the idea that each Life Athlete is meant to create their own goals. It‘s your life and you determine what a “win” is for you. That said we’re all Life Athletes and there will be a lot of overlap  between us and what it is that we want from the area of fitness. What we’re doing here is attempting to find and implement best practices across the board. What is “best” for one might not be “best” another, however so we’re going to have a few voices chime in on what works for them and then you can select what best works for YOU. 

Remember, first and foremost, we believe that your fitness should serve your life and not the other way around. Training to live is, in our view, far preferable than living to train. We want to be fit so that can we have the physical capacity to try new things and/or to continue doing the old familiar things that bring us joy.

Health and fitness also extends past ones athletics abilities and into the more mundane and less sexy areas of basic self care. How are your teeth? Is your digestive system happy? How about your skin? What about your energy levels? Are you dragging yourself around? Are you always sore and stiff and wanting to stop and lay down? If you’re not feeling strong, vital and vibrant, you might want to look at how you’re managing yourself and maybe try something else. Life is meant to be enjoyed and when your body stops, so does your life. 

Now might be a good time to look at your horizon, target and milestone fitness goals... go on, we’ll be here when you get back.