Looking down from the horizon to navigate the road directly ahead.


Awww... Man! This is starting to feel like therapy! 

I’m someone who prides himself on being pretty self aware but it’s amazing how often something about me, which is obvious to others, will slap me in the face, totally surprising me. Again, it’s part of Life Athletics... once you take on bigger challenges, you’ll see where your weak points are, but come on.

Today’s blog challenge question is simple enough, “What three things would you most like your website to have and how will you go about getting them?”, and yet it caused me to shake my head at myself with an exasperated smile.

The blind spot that I’ve caught a glimpse of here is that for as much time as I’ve spent imagining and planning Life Athletics, I’m doing it all 1-5 years out. I’m not looking where I am, but where I want to be.  To be clear, looking ahead is great! You need to know where you’re going but then you have to look to what is in front of you. 

It’s like I intellectually understand that projects have to be built incrementally but I really just want to be playing with a fully formed version of this one, NOW. 

Matt and Cherie Chan talked about exactly this thing in an interview I did with them. They talk about the expectations people have and that these expectations are often what’re holding people back. People burn out and become frustrated by not being able to get to their goals as quickly as they think they should. 
Things take time, I know that. My physical and emotional training has been following that lately and it’s been going well, with people noticing changes on both fronts. I’m getting back to a chilled and chiseled version of myself... okay, chiseled is still a little ways off but I’m showing signs of improved fitness and that’s due to a slow and steady approach. 

I’ve handled “Life Athletics: The Business” differently. I’ve handled that like someone walking into a gym, fresh from their couch, with very little training experience and wanting to do handstand pushups... on rings.  

It’s doable, don’t get me wrong, I can get there... but not tomorrow.  This is a project so big that when I describe it to people with any programming background, deep breaths are taken and heads are nodded solemnly. They’ve all loved the concept but know that it’s quite the undertaking. 

Again, it’s where I want to be working because I think it’ll provide the most value for the people using the system and put me in a position to be living every day, helping to cause massive growth in the lives of people around the world. 

So, yes... I believe that I have a good, idea. Well so do lots of people. Now the question is what version CAN I build tomorrow that will lead me to this vision that I have for the future? ...good question. 

Picturing the ideal is pretty easy but it’s often the next step that seems blurry to people... well to me at least. This ties into yesterday’s post. Letting go of the ideal and the grandiose in favour of the the immediate can seem... defeatist, but it’s the only way I know to set myself free to actually move towards some version of that ideal. 

As I’ve said before on Life Athletics, I have to ask “where am I?” and “where do I want to be?” and resisting the answer to the first question will slow my progress towards the second. 

So, paired down, what are the elements I most want on Life Athletics? I want people to have a way to clearly look at and evaluate the ten pillars of life in their own lives.

I want them to be able to plan their training in any areas that are not where they want them to be. 

I want people to be able to request assistance to a community of Life Athletes and to give assistance as well. 

I’m looking at switching to Wordpress and the feasibility / is there a point to ... setting up a multiuser version where people can create their own profiles. 

I’d be VERY curious to know if this would be of use to YOU. Also I’d love to know if there’s something else you’d like from Life Athletics. I really am building a platform for YOU to train yourself to have the life of your dreams because a part of that is my dream.