Phase 1 Day 3: What's not working? 


Now that you’ve taken stock of your life and figured out where you’d rate yourself in each of the 7 training areas in a non-judgmental way, you get a little reward! It’s time to judge.

Nothing need be wrong to pursue growth. Growth and development is healthy and necessary in humans. Pushing from good to great is what we’re looking for here, BUT if something is not working or not working as well as you’d like it to, it’s best to identify that early.

Do you have any fires to put out?

If you scored yourself a 5 or below in any area, this might be cause for concern. Essentially that’s the pass fail mark as determined by you. A score below 5 is a sign that you think you’re doing harm to yourself in this area. It’s up to you to determine if this is a fire that needs to be dealt with NOW. 

If your house is burning down, don’t wait until the end of this program to do something about it! 

If there aren’t any lives immediately at risk then take a breath and identify what’s not working for you. There can be all sorts of reasons for why things aren’t working but despite my earlier joke, leave the judgements to the side and just tell it like it is. If something’s not working for you, it’s not working for you. 

Also, don’t justify why it is the way it is. People will adapt to just about any crappy situation and you deserve better than that. Using language that softens (“It’s okay”, “It’s not THAT bad”, “It’s only been a few months, weeks, days, years..”) or making excuses will just keep you where you are. 

You’re the one saying this thing doesn’t work, notice if you have internal reactions that come up and then defend it’s existence. 

You are neither what works in your life or what doesn’t. Those things are external to your Self and you’re allowed to let go of them. 

Are you willing to identify them and let go?

Again, nothing really needs to be wrong here. Just identify things that aren't working as well as you'd like them to, the things that you think could be taken to the next level. 

Daily challenge:

  • Look at each area and identify what’s not working.
  • As yourself if you’re willing to replace what’s not working with a workable version? (You don’t have to know what that is quite yet... we’re just looking for a willingness to live a life that works.) 
  • If yes, great! 
  • If no, what’s in the way and why are you holding onto something you’re saying doesn’t work? Look deeper and figure out what it’d take to make you willing to embrace a workable version in this area.