Relationships Phase  1 Day 3- Inner Circle


You’ve looked at the relationships you have and the ones you’d like to have. The next step is to rank them a little. Let’s identify the most important ones to you. You can look at the top groups, the top people inside of those groups. We’re looking for the people with whom you most definitely want to maintain and cultivate a relationship. 

These are the people who can help grow you and who you can help to grow. 

This does not mean that the people not on the short list are unimportant. It’s important to identify the people that matter the most though and to know where your time and energy must first be focussed. 

It’s eye opening to see that we sometimes don’t spend the time on the people we say are important that would verify that they are indeed so.  I believe that while the success of  our relationships are a function of how much we “relate”, it’s also important for us to put energy in various forms into those we say are important to us. 

This goes double for those categories that are not currently peopled. If we want to have a mastermind group full of dynamic, driven and awesome people... What’re you waiting for? 

There are factors that limit us in relationships, things in us that might be sabotaging what we say that we want. We’ll look at some of that later but right now, look at who and what is most important to you. 


-Identify the top relationship areas and the top people in your life.