Streaming Revenue streams


It looks like I jumped the gun slightly on day 9 by not only answering which business I admired, but also getting into the types of revenue streams I'd be looking to create with Life Athletics.  While I did talk about it somewhat, it is the central theme for this installment of the blog challenge and so I'll happily go into it a bit more detail.

The one revenue stream I didn’t go into in the last post is the I'm the least focussed on at the moment but perhaps the easiest to implement immediately... coaching. People have sought me out for this lately, I've done it before, I'm good at it, and it's not where I think I'll make the biggest difference for the most people. Even from the start, I didn’t want to set myself up as the guy with all of the answers, and yes... I’m well aware that coaching is not about having all of the answers. 

That said, I do love working one on one with people and for some that's the only way they'll take coaching and so, that's one revenue stream I might open back up.

A second one would be offering products. I already have T-shirts that people seem to like a lot, but the profit margin is minuscule under the current system that I'm using.  Still... it's an option that allows me to continue my love for design. Unrelated to the Life Athletics website, I’ve had quite a number of designs made into Jerseys, shirts, shorts, stickers and discs and so going to a local tournament is a little like seeing a runway show of my products. Many people have no idea that I’m the one who designed what they’re wearing and I see that as the highest compliment of my work, they’re just wearing the stuff because they like it.  

Affiliate marketing makes a lot of sense as Life Athletics revs up, as I'll essentially be creating a platform that highlights other people's training systems. While I believe this is the best way to ensure that each Life Athlete is truly free to create the life they love there will certainly be room to highlight certain favourites. 

A book is also something that I think would be quite beneficial to people. Fully laying out the Life Athletics philosophy and model for creating a life you love would be a lot of fun for me and quite the resource for readers. It would also have the added benefit of making my mom ridiculously proud as she’s been pushing for a book for quite some time now.

Moving forward, the idea is to build the site up and then add elements that would generate revenue as we go. Again, the plan is that clients and customers see so much value for themselves that the natural response is to want to contribute back by buying products and services that are offered. 

I believe that with an eye to creating massive value, Life Athletics will be able to build a solid following of Life Athletes, with appropriate implementation, revenue will flow from that. 


PS. This post was mainly written via portable bluetooth keyboard and iPhone while on the beach on the way home. I had to use the iPhone to take the photo but it rested on top of my Motorcycle helmet quite well thanks to a stand made out of binder clips :) 

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