Episode 148: Rolf Gibbs | Get Up - Get Going

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Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 148 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Rolf Gibbs.

Rolf is the founder of UBUD RAW Chocolate Factory, a chocolate business based in Bali. UBUD RAW is a revolutionary concept in chocolate which is made from just two healthy plants: Cacao and Coconut. UBUD RAW chocolate tastes smoother and creamier than milk chocolate but also has a potent cacao flavor like a dark chocolate. Being branded “the best tasting chocolate” by thousands of people, he found inspiration and encouragement in running this chocolate company. The compliments and the health purpose of these chocolates serve as his motivation to continue despite negative feelings crawling up his sleeves.

"When we don’t cook things, there’s a lot more nutrition in it.”

This episode talks about life, passion, and motivation for running a business or continuing a career. You will definitely learn so much from this conversation that will guide you in your daily work and endeavor.

“The definition of one successful business is one still going.”

Join us in this fun and interesting episode that talks about chocolate, dance, game of life, intense experiences, challenges, and so much relatable stuff that will teach us new lessons and give us the inspiration to wake up each day and continue what we started.

"What I and other raw chocolate companies are doing is shifting the paradigm from chocolate being a candy to chocolate being something that is powerfully good for you.”

To learn more about UBUD RAW chocolates, visit:

UBUD RAW on Facebook

UBUD RAW on Motion Fitness

UBUD RAW on Food Nomad

You may reach Rolf on: