What is your definition of location independence?


A HUGE part of creating a life you love is choosing a place to live. ... or is it? This is a response to a question posed by Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur after all. The question of “home” is shaken a bit when dealing with dealing with someone who is proudly “homeless”, or nomadic.

At first when I read the question of the day for the blog challenge, “What is your definition of location independence?”, my reaction was that we’d finally started on the indoctrination and were meant to start into buying into the idea of selling our stuff and sleeping on other people’s couches.

As I reigned in my reactive side, I realized that my dream is indeed to become location independent, just not in the same way as Natalie.

So, what is MY definition of location independence?

My definition of location independence is to have the freedom to live your life on your terms, regardless of where you are geographically. This isn’t as radical as it sounds at first, let me explain what I mean in more detail and through the use of an example. 

Years ago when I lived in Montreal, many English speaking friends expressed a desire to live there as well, but felt that the language requirements of most companies made living in Montreal an impossibility. 

Could they have found a way to make it work? Of course! But... they didn’t feel that they could do it on their terms and that was the clincher. 

To me, being location independent means that you can live and work anywhere you want because you are not tied to a place, and only your choices determine where you are. 

Another factor in location independence is the freedom to move when you choose. Being able to set up a business anywhere is great but if you can’t take it with you or if you can’t go on vacation, or react to the demands of life, then you’re as trapped as anyone else. 

A person close to me has set up an impressive and thriving business in India  which is wonderful... except that they hate where they live. They hate it but feel that they can’t leave because of their business. Exotic can lose it’s luster quickly if it’s not what you want to be surrounded by daily. 

I’d go so far as to say that without location independence we’re caged. The cage might be gilded but, does it really matter? 

“Choose Freedom” is the slogan on the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s new swag and it’s fitting, even if you don’t want to live, full-time out of a suitcase. 

So, Life Athletes... what’s your definition of location independence and what does look like for you?