Episode 10: Cody Hunter

Cody was literally the face of fitness in South Korea while I was living there as he was the inspiration for the logo of the largest fitness chains in the country. Every time I went to a fitness related event I’d run into him and every timeI was struck by his positive energy, enthusiasm and his love of people. Cody joined me from his office in Seoul South Korea.


Habit of Thought:

Always letting go and adapting. Putting the negative behind you and then focus on the positive.

Habit of Action:

Getting up extremely early and never having to rush. Make sure that you have plenty of time. Don’t put yourself under undue pressure.

Greatest Strength:

Passions for what I do.

Nik’s take on Cody’s strength:
Joy in the tough times.

How to train this area:

Try to experience many different things, get uncomfortable, really feel it out and then run with it.

Training for Nik’s take: 

Keep things simple and don’t stress. Find the fun side.


Who Moved my Cheese? – Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Nik suggested: “The Power of Full Engagement”

Web Resource:

Simon Sinek



Hunter Coaching Lab

FaceBook – Cody Hunter