Episode 23: Chris Gentry

Chris has spent his life working to make the people around him greater. He was a director of Outward Bound and founded Asia Works. Now he lives in Bali where we met for this conversation.


Habit of Thought:

Personal creed –
“The quality of my life has everything to do with the quality of the people around me”

Habit of Action:
“Fail forward”

Greatest area of strength: 

“I have an ability to speak and enroll people in what I’m speaking about. People can get excited about it. So, how many people are following me in my parade. Enrollment.”

Training for this area:

Know what your ‘stuff’ is, don’t let it get in the way and actually engage with people.


Island – Aldous Huxley

Virginia Satir

Martin Heidegger

Richard Bandler and John Grinder – Frogs into Princes