Episode 44: Tah Riq

Life Athletes, hello and welcome to episode 44 of the Life Athletics podcast. Today’s guest Life Athlete is Tah Riq. Tah Riq is an award winning speaker, artist, flamenco guitarist. His music has been featured in TEDx, he has a TEDx talk about leaping into the life you want, he’s a black belt in Karate and he’s the founder of the Superhero Factory a parkour gym in Bali.

Habit of Thought:

Never tell yourself that there’s anything you can’t do.

-No matter how seemingly unreachable a goal, remember that it is only a series of steps in that direction that will get you there.

Habit of Action:
“Ask yourself: ‘If you were the ideal version of yourself, how would you deal with this situation right now?’ and then do that.”

Greatest area of strength:

Child-like Naivete and fearlessness.

Training for this area:

Come to the Superhero Factory and work through any blocks on a physical level.

Look for the joy in what you do and remember why you began.

Find the fun again.


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