Episode 55: Dale Thomas Vaughn – The Good Man Project

Dale is a champion of purpose. He is the editor of the Good Man Project, has written and edited seven best-selling books, lived a life of adventure and now Dale helps men discover what they want from their lives and then empowers them to make a concrete plan to go do it.

Habit of Thought:

I can stack the deck in my favour.  Believe that you can succeed.

“Learn to become your biggest fan because the world will provide all of the critics you’ll ever need.”

Habit of Action:

Do some form of physical activity.

Greatest area of strength:

My sense of purpose and direction.

Training for this area:

Intrinsic Ablity – What is the thing that has always carried you through life? Your Super Power… 

Intention – Put intention around that Super Power. What is the answer to “Why are you here”?

Imagine – Set an imaginary set of goals for yourself.

Do a time travel interview – imagine that you’re talking to your future self and have them tell you what your life was like. 

Ignite – Take an action to break the inertia

Interconnect – Surround yourself with the people who pull you or drive you to be your highest self. 


The Good Life Plan for Men: Go Beyond Goal-Setting, Take the 5 Essential Steps to Find & Fulfill Your Best Life – Dale Thomas Vaughn

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
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