Episode 64: Steffen Stäuber - Creating Meaning in Business


Name: Steffan Stauber

Steffan is a marketing whiz who escaped the traditional road and opted for the path less travelled. He is traveling the world in an effort to create meaning inside of the businesses he works with and you can follow his journey on the appropriately named website: www.createmeaning.com 

“A business is the personification of the people” 

Habit of Thought:


“I’m very, very visual so I like to create a picture of the desired outcome.” 

Habit of Action:

“I start and end my day with the most important task at hand.”

Greatest area of strength: Having ideas and a clear idea of what this emerging future might look like and then I’m very motivating.

Training for this area:

I think you need to reconnect with your inner self and get the pictures out. Allow yourself to have the ideas that you might not think are possible to achieve. 


Theory U: Learning from the Future as It Emerges - C. Otto Scharmer

Web Resource: