Building even without the “right” tools and minding the gap.


It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that I’ve been doing this blogging thing all wrong for a while now. Through this blog challenge I’ve been forced to be face to face with the realization that I’ve been trying to reinvent the wheel. The blogging platform I’m using is limited, I’m using Twitter ineffectively, not using Pinterest at all, I don’t have a squeeze page and the list goes on.  

This is all good news by the way. 

Once again, Life Athletics is at it’s core a diagnostic tool. When you start to improve something and you’ll see what needs to be improved, a.k.a. “the gap” ... although it sometimes arrives as what I’ve been doing “wrong”. 

That’s how it feels much of the time anyway. The first reaction is “I’m doing this wrong” when I see that you’re doing something less than perfectly. The problem however is when this is followed by some version of “I’m such a(an)...”. 

The fact that I’m not going there at this moment speaks to the effectiveness of my efforts to strengthen and develop those parts of me. 

That I used to slip into that thinking helps me relate. 

Becoming aware that I’m doing something in an ineffective way is my first access to being able to start doing things well. 

This reframe has proven to be incredibly powerful for me. It was in looking at things that I, and others, did well that I was able to see what was missing in the areas where I was struggling.  

When I draw for example, I have to basically scribble first. I then refine, erase, redraw, erase, redraw some more and eventually I might come up with something I like. It’s a process and I allow it to be one. 

It’s the same with anything I’ve done successfully. I’ll try it and then allow myself to improve. It sounds so simple and yet there are so many other areas in which I’ve pressured myself to be better than I am immediately. That doesn’t work, in case you were thinking of trying it. 

What’s encouraging is the growing interest in Life Athletics based purely on my writing and ideas. With very little being done “as it should”, people are still being very supportive and excitement is building. 

This question for this entry from the Suitcase Entrepreneur is: “State your top three tools that you will use (or already use) to save time and money and make your online world more seamless”. 

Natalie Sisson, made a great list of tools that she uses and I’ll be using a few of those as I move forward. I’ll also be looking at Pinterest and how to use Twitter and Facebook more effectively. 

Seeing how I’m in a revamping stage, I’m not really in the mood to trumpet any of the things I’ve been using as I’m planning on changing many of the tools I use. 

Also, the idea that it’s a poor carpenter who blames his tools is ringing in my mind. I’ll keep hacking away with what I’ve got refining, rebuilding and retooling as I go. 

It’s hard to admit publicly that not everything I do is perfect but, that admission sets me free. 

In admitting what I have to work on however, I’m allowed to grow, which is what this is all about.