Building influence.


"Which methods do you want to use to build your platform and increase your influence?"

Being influential strikes me as the same as being socially powerful. There are different ways to achieve this of course but my way is to place Life Athletics at the centre of the personal development world. 

Yeah, I’m not aiming at the middle here, I’m aiming for the top. By constructing a structure that has people developing their whole selves using parts of other people's programs, Life Athletics will become the hub of the giant wheel. 

I know that sounds hugely egotistical but it’s not the time to be self effacing. I have big dreams for Life Athletics and you should know about them. 

The reason why I think Life Athletics can be huge in the community is that I am not trying to compete with anyone, I'm only interested in what habits of thought and habits of action combine the best.

Someone with more resources could sweep while I’m building and do something similar but I think that there’s enough that’s unique and special that I’m dropping my fear of announcing my intentions for fear that they’ll be stolen. 

Coming from that place, my mind is open and this all becomes a fun, giant experiment. 

Crossfit does this on the physical level. Crossfit founder Greg Glassman is big on measurable results and once said that if what you do works better, they would adopt that. 

My bias is towards Crossfit as being a great way to train but it’s not about me. The goal is to set up the site so that whatever you’re into has a chance to be featured. 

If you’re a MovNat fanatic, or are into Parkour (PARKOUR!) or just walking in the park, it’s up to you. 

Building a system that essentially invites people to prove that what they do works will turn Life Athletics into a proving ground for those looking to be the best as well as provide a valuable launching pad for those looking to be the best them. 

It will also be a way to show if certain modalities work in conjunction with a full life. If you can meditate for an hour a day, exercise, have a job and a relationship, eat well, read, have some sort of hobby and sleep for 8-9 hours a night... good for you, but many people struggle to string together all of the things they know that they should do while living a normal life. 

Body building for 3-4  hours a day works to build muscle but that much time spent in the gym means that you're limited as to what other things you can do. If that's your chosen lifestyle then, rock on and sculpt those delts, but if you're looking to be fit but not at the expense of the other areas of your life, body building might not be the right fitness modality for you.

By taking these various elements and putting them on stage together people will be able to find systems that work for them. 

Those with the most effective and efficient systems will thrive in this environment. 

Through giving people that opportunity, Life Athletics will be influential and be able to positively impact the lives of people around the world.