People won’t come to the party if they don’t know that they’re invited. Building an affiliate team. 


Teams, and more teams. I think that Natalie Sisson, is making the point that being an army of me isn’t going to cut it if I want Life Athletics to reach its potential. I can say that this is fine as the plan is to have MANY people involved but the reality is currently far removed from the plan. 

It’s kind of like I’ve been treating this like I’m a neurotic host of a dinner party with lofty aspirations hanging from it. I want everything to be just so before the guests arrive.

When I have people over I’m much more relaxed than that but even as I type that I see that there’s still a snag in how I am when I host. 

I like to cook for people. I like it a lot actually. When I do it though I tend to turn down help if they’re over before I’m done and offering. 

I like to think of it as I’m pampering them a bit, offering them a chance to feel taken care of and catered to for a moment in time. Where I live, there aren’t a lot of home cooked meals on offer and so I like creating that space. 

What’s landing as I write is that’s all very much about me. Yes, they get the experience that I just described and if that’s what they were in the mood for, that’s great. For some, however, the true “home cooking” experience is only created when they come together and help make a meal in collaboration with others. 

It’s not about the perfection of the food, it’s about the shared experience and the connection to another person this generates. 

Life Athletics is envisioned to be a giant potluck banquet buffet. When fully built it will allow people to share their favourite trainings in every area of life for others to sample, enjoy and take home with them.

The blog question for this installment is “What does your dream sales team look like and how will you 
ensure they help you build your business?” 

As of right now, the only thing I have for sale is a t-shirt and an idea. 

The idea is something I want spread and this will be talked about more in the next post on how to become influential. 

Still, this is what I envision. The people using Life Athletics will self identify as Life Athletes. They will be proud of themselves for looking at their lives in a way that allows them to take daily actions to become stronger, more flexible and more powerful in every aspect of their world. 

The people who live to provide others with tools and ideas for building themselves in a variety of ways will see themselves as Life Athletics partners and recognize the value of being part of a community of people training their lives and the lives of others. 

I don’t believe that there’s one way of reaching our personal goals. If we want to get in shape, there are many ways to do that. If we want to have great relationships, there are many ways of doing that too. The trick as far as I’m concerned is to not let any one area drop below where we’re comfortable having it and doing SOMETHING to grow ourselves in each area as stasis isn’t possible. 

From there people will want to direct others to Life Athletics because I’ll be using Life Athletics to direct people to them. I’ll be using the platform to let people tailor their life training to themselves. 

I believe that this will be a win, win, win, situation and therefore a successful one. 

Now, before the platform gets built and before all of the tables are set and the decorations are hung, how do I build a team of people all looking to join, and help build the Life Athletics community? I guess a good place to start would be to ask. People won’t come to the dinner party unless they’re invited.