Episode 10: Cody Hunter


[fusion_text]Cody was literally the face of fitness in South Korea while I was living there as he was the inspiration for the logo of the largest fitness chains in the country. Every time I went to a fitness related event I’d run into him and every time  I was struck by his positive energy, enthusiasm and his love of people. Cody joined me from his office in Seoul South Korea.

Habit of Thought:

Always letting go and adapting. Putting the negative behind you and then focus on the positive.

Habit of Action:

Getting up extremely early and never having to rush. Make sure that you have plenty of time. Don’t put yourself under undue pressure.

Greatest Strength:

Passions for what I do.

Nik’s take on Cody’s strength: Joy in the tough times.

How to train this area:

Try to experience many different things, get uncomfortable, really feel it out and then run with it.

Training for Nik’s take: 

Keep things simple and don’t stress. Find the fun side.


Who Moved my Cheese? - Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Nik suggested: “The Power of Full Engagement”

Web Resource:

Simon Sinek



Hunter Coaching Lab

FaceBook - Cody Hunter[/fusion_text]