Episode 115: Demir and Carey Gjokaj | Productivity Ninjas and Life Hackers

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 115 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athletes are Demir and Carey Gjokaj, founders of Life Hack Bootcamp. 

Demir and Carey are productivity experts that have coached many individuals from all the over the globe and helped them achieve their big goals and dreams. They believe in creating personal development through productivity.

Both met almost by accident when they found themselves in the corporate world, unhappy with what they were doing and constantly burned out. They took the leap, and now, they're doing what they are most passionate about: adding value to their lives and others'.

"If you create a negative relationship to anything, you avoid it."

On this episode, Demir and Carey talk about how they came up with Life Hack Bootcamp and what their system is in creating personal development. They also share their fascination of the 12-step program, as they feel like it is the "most transformative personal development program" there is.

"We don't have to try to get everything done on our to-do list. What's the most leveraging thing on your to-do list? Do that."

When asked about what it is that  makes them productive, Carey says that we should never give in to perfectionism. 

"Convince yourself that you need to take massive imperfect action."

Learn more about this inspiring couple on this episode!

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