Episode 116: Jules Schroeder | How to Live and Love an Unconventional Life

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 116 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Jules Schroeder.

Jules is the founder and host of the Unconventional Life, a podcast that showcases the most amazing entrepreneurs all over the world who are living life the way they want to. She described herself as a multipassionate individual - and she IS living her life according to where her passion drives her.

At 18, she founded a six-figure company; and at 22, she brought her game even higher with a seven-figure company. She writes for the "Under 30" section of Forbes and helps people understand what millennials are doing differently, but as successfully, in their careers. Jules believes in the power of networking and making connections.

"It's like meeting your best friends rather than going to an event." -on meetups

Currently, she is redefining success by showing people that you don't actually have to fall into a stereotype job and career. There are multiple ways to earn and build yourself up as a professional - and this is what Jules is helping young entrepreneurs discover. This is also the main reason why she keeps herself surrounded with people who motivate and inspire her.

"My quantum leap moments were when I was in community and when I had like-minded people support me." 

Jules and her team are currently organizing an event in Italy this May - at a castle, no less! 

"My life is a series of raw experiments unfolding moment by moment by moment."

Listen to more from Jules on this episode of the Life Athletics podcast! Enjoy!


The Unconventional Life Podcast

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