Episode 117: Kristin Fraser | Getting Your Inner Glow Back

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 117 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Kristin Fraser, founder of Inner Glow Nutrition.

Kristin is on a mission to promote wellness through nutrition and inspired living. She started out on this "food journey" when she herself went through some emotionally dark times in her life. What amazes me about Kristin is how well she has handled herself and how motivated she is in helping others achieve the kind of balance and calm that she is now enjoying.

"I wanna be a better version of myself so I can help more people."

Her goal is to help people who are suffering from low energy, finding it difficult to stay motivated, and those that feel stuck. Kristin coaches them and gets them out of the rut through her juice cleanses, which she calls juice feasts! 

"My game is finding ways to inspire other people to nourish themselves to reach their greatest potential."

Every morning, Kristin wakes up and announces that it is going to be the "best day ever!" This habit of thought and habit of action keeps her motivated and on track. Another way to boost your glow? Ask yourself what you need. Be kind to yourself! 

What makes her an effective coach and inspiring entrepreneur is that she knows what pain is, as she has been there before, and she understands how the same pain can be used as a motivator! Although she acknowledges the moments when she felt weak, Kristin tries to not acknowledge failure. Instead, she sees these setbacks as minor glitches that will eventually lead to triumph.

“Playing your own game is being authentic to who you are.”

Kristin delivers tons of value on this episode, and I am sure you'll enjoy it - especially if you are someone who is keen on getting your inner glow back!

"Your outer reality is a direction reflection of your inner reality. So do your inner work." 


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