Episode 118: Manuel Klarmann | Creating the Future of Gastronomy with Eaternity

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 118 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Manuel Klarmann, founder and CEO of Eaternity.

Eaternity is a company that develops a comprehensive management solution for the restaurant industry. It gives restaurant owners intelligent insights into the supply chain and enables smart decision-making for the benefit of people, planet, and profit.

Manuel has been working on this project for 8 years now and accounts everything to passion and compassion. He is a person who feels for the environment and its people, hence his decision to contribute to lessening the footprint we leave on the earth. 

"It's not work to me. It became a hobby. It became everything to me." -on developing Eaternity

He is currently focusing on those countries that are greatly affected by climate change.

"I ask myself, 'Who am I helping?'"

On this episode, Manuel talks about his success and failures and how he is winning in life.

Check out more of Manuel's insights and the amazing work he does with Eaternity on this episode.

"It's not about knowing what you can do for work, but knowing how you can help people."


Twitter: @eaternity
Instagram: @eaternity_app
Watch Manuel's TED talk here