Episode 120: Kenny Flowers | How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 120 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Kenny Flowers.

Kenny is the founder of Kenny Flowers (nope, that's not his real surname), a shop that sells Hawaiian shirts. But they're not your average, everyday, ordinary Hawaiian shirts - the ones he's selling have "swag" and style that can be worn anywhere, anytime - "from the cabana to the cabin, the beach to the boat, the bar to the brunch table."

"I am enjoying myself in the present, but I'm also really making sure that I am setting myself up for the future."

Although from afar, Kenny's life seems to be all fun and games, leisure and adventure, that's not entirely the case. According to him, he also spends time doing a lot of work just so he could propel his business forward. He is constantly in the mood for challenge, but doesn't dismiss the fact that he does need to go out and play. 

"It's really important to define when your play time is and when your work time is."

Work-life balance has always been important to Kenny. On this episode, he tells us about how he keeps his life organized - with structured play times so that he is more effective when the time comes that he needs to work. Being efficient in everything you're doing helps in improving your work-life balance, Kenny says.

"If you dont listen to criticism, there's a good chance it's not going to work out."

We also dig deeper into the moments of failure and triumph that Kenny has gone through, and you'll be inspired to hear all about the stories of his drawbacks and how he was able to push through it all. 

Connect with Kenny:

Instagram: @kennyflowers_