Episode 121: Gianluca Trombetta | Inspiration and Superhuman Hearing

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 120 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Gianluca Trombetta of Superhuman Hearing.

Gianluca has been wearing hearing aids for a very long time, so he understands the daily struggles that people with sensory-neural hearing loss go through. Coupled with passion and inspiration, Gianluca serves as a hearing aid coach - with the purpose of making life easier and more bearable.

"People with disabilities have a chance of getting it out and facing it and moving on and becoming much more powerful emotionally."

When he decided to venture into this project, he started researching and studying about what he can do to help. He researched about communication and what it means to communicate effectively.

"What about we try and understand how they feel?"

The success he is having is perhaps due to the fact that he goes through the same problems the people he tries to help face every day. He is always reminded of the hardships, so he is constantly motivated to live better. Gianluca wants to help people deal with hearing loss so it doesn't become an obstacle anymore. 

"My game is how to make people with hearing loss live better."

Listen and learn more on this episode of the podcast.

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