Episode 122: Shiva Rajaya | Wake Up to Life with Vital Coaching

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 122 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Shiva Rajaya. 

Shiva is the founder of Vital Coaching. He leads people on spiritual adventures and inspires people to wake up and realize that we are all one - that everyone on this planet belongs to one family.

"We are one human race. Every person in this planet is my family."

He provides people with tools to remove blockages and assist them in identifying what's been keeping them stuck. Shiva's is a life coaching of the spirit and mind, helping you achieve the success and satisfaction that other people have been having a hard time achieving.

"My game is a game of joy and happiness. A game of contribution to the planet and humankind."

Shiva doesn't believe in failures. He views all drawbacks as life lessons, not mistakes.

Join in on the conversation and be inspired!

Follow Shiva:

Twitter: @vitalcoaching