Episode 123: Sam French | All For Powerful Storytelling

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 123 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Sam French.

Sam describes himself as a storyteller before anything else. He is passionate about stories and being able to bring them to life, so it's no wonder he's an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker.

His film project, Buzkashi Boys, has garnered multiple awards and nominations and has been praised by film critics worldwide. The film is set in contemporary Afghanistan and revolves around two Afghan boys who strive to reach their dreams amidst their current situation in one of the most war-torn countries on Earth, all while participating in the Buzkashi, the country's national sport. 

"You're never going to know how you think about something until you get there."

On this episode, Sam shares his experiences - especially the ones he went through while he was making Buzkashi Boys. He talks about living in Afghanistan and how Hollywood filmmakers are viewed to be these ridiculously rich guys, and how this is a total misconception. 

"Failure is only a temporary setback."

A dark time, he shares, was when he was accused of mismanaging the funds for the film and the subsequent anxiety attack that he suffered due to the allegation. However, Sam bounced back up and proved all his detractors wrong.

"I look forward to taking the next step."

Today, Sam is currently in Bali, working on another story. We can't wait to watch the next film! 

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