Episode 124: Deva Waring | From Farm to Festival

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 124 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Deva Waring.

Deva is one-half of the duo behind the vegan food truck, Gaia Ma. Deva and her partner, Chloe, conceptualized Gaia Ma with the mission to support the planet, the people, and the plants.

"We go to the farms directly, cutting the middleman."

Their menu shifts as they transfer locations, as all their food is 100% locally sourced. Deva emphasizes that she and her business partner aren't here to promote any "isms." They are here to make people more aware and ask questions like where the food goes? How much food is wasted? And how are eating habits affecting the planet?

"Two-thirds of the food in the world is wasted."

Deva is proud of the Gaia Ma food truck as they serve 100% organic, all vegan, plant-based food. They are often found in festivals, conscious gatherings,and the like. Her goal is  to do what she loves and motivate others to do the same.

"We're constantly supporting ourselves to be authentic."

Connect with Deva:

Instagram: @gaiamafoods
Twitter: @gaiamafood