Episode 138: Ana Wood | Looking From The Heart With Try Love On

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 138 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Ana Wood.

Ana is a coach and is currently launching a platform for spiritual awakening called “Try Love On” for people who wants to live from a deeper essence and look from the heart. She is a very optimistic person who believes that love is a never-ending journey of exploration.

"My game is to expand in the experience of love.”

For Ana, love is something that is greater than any word can define. The beauty that lies within love is through experiencing and embracing its mystery.

"It’s not what we do but where we do it from.”

On this episode, she talks about the essence and the truth of living. She brings us to a deeper level of our emotions where we get to appreciate life more.

“I feel that love is transcendent because it can’t be explained; it can’t be defined.”

Listen to this episode and fall in love with life.


You can find Ana on:

Try Love On