Episode 139: Trent Simmons | Learning Ultimate Life Lessons Through Ultimate Frisbee

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 139 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Trent Simmons.

Trent is an Ultimate Frisbee player for 20 years playing an average of 25 tournaments a year until he decided to run tournaments himself. He launched Selfless Tournament which became a success. His life has been dedicated to the sport which helped him establish his principles in life.

"The real point of sport is to challenge your self.”

He also launched an international youth development NGO, 10 Million Discs, which aims to give 10 million discs to kids from around the globe and teach them life skills, mutual respect, self-accountability and conflict resolution.

"Your enemy is not your opponent.”

He believes that being your own referee tests what is more valuable to you – winning the game or keeping your integrity.

 “If at first you don’t succeed, go bigger.”

On this episode, Trent talks about the life lessons brought by the sport, external validation versus internal validation and what it truly means to win.  


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10 Million Discs




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