Episode 142: Daniel Packard | A Committed Love Athlete

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 142 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Daniel Packard.

Daniel is the man behind Love Athlete Academy whose mission is to help people who feel that they are not enough to be loved. He offers online training, coaching, retreat, free master class and a free book that will surely make you realize your worth. He believes that like training the physical body, Love Athletes can also train their consciousness for leveling up in Love.

"I wake up every morning trying to fall in love with myself more and more every day and show other people how to fall in love with themselves every day.”

On this episode, he talks about vulnerability, self-worth, inner software and lots of inspiring lessons on love and what it takes to be loved. Daniel shows people that what they are now is enough and that they don’t need to change anything or be better at something just to be loved.

"You don’t need to be any different to be loved.”

If you think that you are not good looking enough, not funny enough, not successful enough, THINK again! Listen to this episode and it will surely change how you feel about yourself.

 “When we tell ourselves we’re not enough to be loved and there’s something wrong with us, we basically tell God he made a mistake.”


You may reach Daniel on:

Love Athlete Academy



You may also grab a copy of his book for free:

Love’s One Lesson: The One Thing That Can Change Everything