Episode 154: Rick Cowley | Break Free with VisionQuest


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 154 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Rick Cowley.

Rick is the founder of VisionQuest Bali, a retreat which "attracts awesome people who are reaching for bold things in their lives, are willing to be real, and are down for adventure."

"What makes you feel alive?"

He survived leukemia at the age of 21, and because of that, he started looking at life differently. Rick started to surrender to his life's passions - and he wants the same for everyone too. VisionQuest was originally designed for cancer survivors, to help them appreciate the value of life. Today, Rick runs VisionQuest and caters to the general population.

"Something happens when you write things down. It's a bridge from just an idea to the physical world."

Rick believes in writing goals down. He believes that bringing these ideas into the physical world helps in its materialization and keeps us grounded.

On this episode, Rick talks about how you too can break free and reconnect with your life's true passions, with your soul's authentic mission, and to surrender completely for more clarity.

"Be willing to let people say what they want to say, let people hear it, let people react to it."

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Instagram: @visionquestwithrick