Episode 158: Stef Sifandos | Relating with Each Other with Authentic Love

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 157 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Stef Sifandos.

Stef is a Relational Alchemist, Community Builder and Change Maker who facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practises, mindfullness, an integration of Eastern wisdom, diverse spirtual praxis and western psychology to improve, evolve end enhance the quality of your relationships.

"What are we passionate about? What passion projects do we daydream about constantly?"

He helps guide, facilitate, teach and provide a deepened perspective on life. Stef believes that it is "through our ability to observe ourselves in wholeness that we liberate ourselves from chronic and perpetual fear, pain and confusion. We then discover the courage to step into our truth and embrace life for what it can truly provide us with."

"You can't always flow. You become polarized by nature."

He believes that everyone can understand themselves better by connecting with their inner selves, as well as the people surrounding them - what relationships they're engaging in and where energy flows.

Figuring out what you don't want will help you identify what you DO want.

"Figuring out what you don't want will help you identify what you DO want."

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Episode 157: Justin Stearman | Perception Is Projection


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 157 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Justin Stearman.

Justin is the owner of Yoga Guide Magazine and Yoga Guide Media, a conscious lifestyle media company. He is a living proof that you can transform your life if you really put your mind to it.

Ten years ago, Justin was all about the nightlife, as his job revolved around promoting parties and alcohol. Over time, he realized how much he wanted to change his lifestyle. He started his transformation journey by taking a year off and doing a lot of meditating.  Then he started doing yoga.

Yoga, to him, was invigorating. He hasn't looked back since.

"People are willing to meet you where you're at."

With yoga and his new lifestyle, he started building communities and made friends that were interested in the same things, who were passionate about living life fully. That's how he came up with Yoga Guide Magazine. He wanted to create a platform that  would bring people together, people who were interested in yoga and wellness.

"Perception is projection. Whatever you project, people are going to perceive."

Justin's motivation is amazing, and his transformation and evolving consciousness is inspiring. Listen in to learn more about Justin Stearman!

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Episode 156: Data Garden | Connect with Nature through Plant-Generated Music


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 156 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete are Jon and Joe of Data Garden.

Data Garden builds community and connection to nature through experiences that extend human perception through sound. 

In 2011, Joe Patitucci along with Alex Tyson founded a zero-waste record label called Data Garden. Instead of CDs, vinyl records, and tapes, the label released digital albums via download codes on handmade printed artwork embedded with seeds that could be planted and grown into flowers.

"When something happens inside your body that creates a palpable shift in the environment, you'll hear something from the plant."

The fact that there seemed to be a connection between people who work closely with plants and subtle forms of energy greatly interested Joe. From that point on, he needed to learn how to connect to these energies without technology and continue to make this experience available to more people so that they could experience this connection.

This ultimately led to success, and they continued Data Garden's work in festivals and museums across North America.

Jon Shapiro then joined Data Garden and did not waste any time in exploring ways of presenting plant music in new spaces and formats. He explored the relationship between fluctuations in plant music with feelings in his body while practicing yoga. He began bringing musical plants to yoga classes and holistic healing spaces to explore how the relationship between plant music and energetic shifts in traditional healing.

On this episode, Jon and Joe take you on their story - how they came up with Data Garden and what they're looking forward to in the future.

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Check out the MIDI Sprout here.

Episode 155: Emily Gallagher | Opening Up with the Conscious Boss


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 155 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Emily Gallagher.

Emily Gallagher is a connector, coach, speaker, experience creator & obsessive collaborator. She is the creator of Conscious Boss Clique, a growing network of 1200 wellness entrepreneurs who come together in person and online to learn from business leaders and to connect as a community.

"Surround yourself with epic people."

Emily has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs privately, through her group coaching programmes and events and is passionate about creating a conscious community of collaboration, connection & empowerment.    

"Be generous. Give more."

She has helped hundreds of women to reconnect their fire, their belief, and build the confidence to launch and scale their businesses from $0 to five-figure-dollar months.

"Be generous. Give more."

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Episode 154: Rick Cowley | Break Free with VisionQuest


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 154 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Rick Cowley.

Rick is the founder of VisionQuest Bali, a retreat which "attracts awesome people who are reaching for bold things in their lives, are willing to be real, and are down for adventure."

"What makes you feel alive?"

He survived leukemia at the age of 21, and because of that, he started looking at life differently. Rick started to surrender to his life's passions - and he wants the same for everyone too. VisionQuest was originally designed for cancer survivors, to help them appreciate the value of life. Today, Rick runs VisionQuest and caters to the general population.

"Something happens when you write things down. It's a bridge from just an idea to the physical world."

Rick believes in writing goals down. He believes that bringing these ideas into the physical world helps in its materialization and keeps us grounded.

On this episode, Rick talks about how you too can break free and reconnect with your life's true passions, with your soul's authentic mission, and to surrender completely for more clarity.

"Be willing to let people say what they want to say, let people hear it, let people react to it."

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Instagram: @visionquestwithrick

Episode 153: Gina Swire | Embracing the Beauty of Self-Love


Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 153 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Gina Swire.

Gina is a self love expert and coach. She teaches women how to fall back in love with themselves through her programs, one to one coaching and retreats.

"What is it that I need today?"

Having spent many years feeling like something was missing in her own life and then figuring out exactly what that something was, she now teaches exactly how she shifted her own life to thousands of women around the world. Gina lives in Bali and travels around for various retreats and speaking engagements. 

"Find your version of self-love."

Gina is currently in England but spends most of her days in Bali and travels around for various retreats and speaking engagements. 

On this episode, she shares her experience being a plus-size model who wasn't "plus" enough. During this time in her life, there always seemed to be something lacking. Find out how Gina pushed through and broke through this challenging time.

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Twitter: @ginaswire

Instagram: @ginaswire

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Episode 152: Candace van Dell | Aligning with Your Higher Self

150 cover.png

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 152 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Candace van Dell.

Candace is a Spiritual Coach offering her soul-centered approach to healing.  Candace believes that many of the negative symptoms we experience whether it be sabotage, illness, addiction, depression, anxiety are signs that we are OUT OF ALIGNMENT with our True Self, we have forgotten who we truly are.  We have been conditioned to align with external authorities, opinions, societal ideals, out of date learning styles and perfectionistic standards.

"We are whole souls coming into this world, and we are perfect for our purpose. But our purpose might not be totally aligned with society's idea of what life should be."

Her philosophy is that we don’t need to be fixed we just need to be healed.  Candace’s work proves time and time again that the holes are our call to wholeness.  The “symptoms” in our lives and unwanted patterns are nothing more then a guide to show us where there is a lack of alignment in our beliefs and where that belief has been continued.

"A lot of times the emotion is too big that we think the emotion is us."

On this episode, Candace talks about her own failures and how she overcame them by focusing on how she can turn her past into a healing process, instead of allowing it define her as a victim.

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Episode 151: Sarri Gilman | Listen To Your YES and NO

151 cover.jpg

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 151 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Sarri Gilman.

Sarri is a psychotherapist, a TEDx speaker, and an author who is on a mission to help people connect and listen to their boundaries. She wrote the book “Transform Your Boundaries” which gives on-hand experiences that will get you involved in developing your own boundary skills in your everyday life. She has been a therapist for over 3 decades and is now on a journey to educate people on the essence of boundaries.

"Boundaries really are just ‘What’s your YES’ and ‘What’s your NO’.”

This is a very powerful conversation about the YES and the NO inside of us. I, personally, experience how important it is to have the freedom to say NO. Sarri explains why it is significant to bring those boundaries up and connect with them. She also explains how our problems and struggles are relative to how we deal with our boundaries.

“Your boundaries have one job and that job is to take care of you.”

We are always locked up in the idea that saying YES is the right and polite thing to do. Listen to this episode and learn what boundaries are and what they truly mean.

"Keep reaching up for the things that make you feel better.”


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Transform Your Boundaries


Episode 150: Nik Wood | Road To 50 Episodes

150 cover (2).jpg

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 150 of the Life Athletics podcast!

This is a special episode where I share with you my journey for the past 50 episodes - my experiences and realizations. I’ve been caught up with so many things in my life that I sometimes forget the true meaning of happiness and satisfaction. But, with the recent events, I have turned into someone I always want to be. As Life Athletes looking to level up, having goals and achieving them is a big win!

“I liked who I was, but I wanted more of myself.”

On this episode, I talk about the recent events in my life that have made a great impact on me, to my relationship, and to my career. Recently, I just started rebuilding a relationship with my father who has been estranged from me for several years. This reunion has thrown away all the negative emotions I have for him and now, I am completely free to live a life of YES.

“I have the perfect dad.”

Listen to this episode and find out what Life Athletics has taught me and why I always encourage people to win in all the games that they’re playing at. I always thank everyone for the support and for joining me on this journey.

“To understand your yes, you have to know who you are, who you want to be, and what your game is.”


Episode 149: Jason Cooper | A Boy’s Thoughts: Achieving A Childhood Dream

149 cover.jpg

Hey Life Athletes, welcome to episode 149 of the Life Athletics podcast!

Today’s guest Life Athlete is Jason Cooper.

Jason, a.k.a Loops Ocean, is a musician who started rapping at the age of 13. He is a very cheerful person with a very bright personality. As a child, he was always drawn to music and sound. Since then, creating sounds that will bring joy to people has become his dream. Now, he just released his very first rap album, “A Boy’s Thoughts”, with the sole purpose of people listening to it and hopefully light up their day.

"I had a sound in my head and I want to get that out there.”

On this episode, Jason reveals his secret behind his fun and lively attitude. He explains the theory of playfulness and why he brings humor in every situation. He shares some inspiring life hacks that could bring joy in every waking day.

“I’m not expecting to get a GRAMMY from it; I just want to MAKE it.”

Jason also shares his journey in achieving his childhood dream. He brings us behind the scenes on how his first album materialized. This is a fun episode that you will surely enjoy.

"You’re the only one that is negatively or positively affected by your reactions.”


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